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Smart City?

0 %
of the population will live in cities by 2050
0 %
of CO2 emissions are generated in cities
0 M
Gigabytes of data generated by a Smart City with 1 million inhabitants

“The urban ecosystem is currently in a state of upheaval with increasing urbanization, pollution, overpopulation, climate change, obsolete infrastructures, etc. These challenges are significantly hampering urban growth.”

United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE)

Is there a solution?

City Data Platform

The open platform as data hub for your city. The platform collects data from all data sources, visualizes it and makes it available via APIs.


Smart Use Cases

Based on the data of your city, we provide you with interesting use cases for citizens, tourists and the administration. Valuable information and digital functions are easily, quickly and conveniently accessible.


Open Co-Creation

The platform is completely open source, the APIs are open. Use cases from different cities and municipalities can be reused by all others. Smart City is a joint effort.

Our values - Your advantages!

Open Smart City by UNITY Innovation Alliance is a data and IoT driven solution that connects smart devices, citizens and cities

Open Source

Our Smart City platform is completely open source. You can do your own work, you can commission us or any partner with the operation and further development. Open Source creates quality and ensures speed.


Our Smart City platform was developed with the idea of maximum scalability in mind. We use modern cloud technologies that allow the platform to grow flexibly. You decide how fast you want to grow.


Interoperability is the be-all and end-all of any platform these days. Our platform is based on maximum interoperability in order to integrate all third-party systems and services via standard interfaces. No lock-in, no dead ends.

Data Sovereignty

At least as important is the sovereignty of the data in your city. You have full access to the data at all times. In this way, you can decide absolutely independently which data you want to make publicly available and which not. The choice is yours.

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